Dienstag, 9. April 2013

vCenter Orchestrator: First Login to vCO Appliance

Hey there,
I often deployed a vCenter Orchestrator Appliance just for a testing purpose or there is a new release. Normally there shouldn't be any complicated tasks to do, because most facts are written down to its documentation. But what is not covered? Right the first login!
Which error could occure?
The error I got every time I did a new deployment is that my user was not known by vCO even though it was correctly configured in my start up configurtation. Authentification should not be done by the pre configured LDAP server delivered with the appliance, better you use your Active Directory.

If you have a closer look to the log file (you can find the error log in your web configuration) after your failed login (invalig Username/Password) you will find such an entry in your logfile:

2013-04-09 12:17:17.847+0000 ERROR [VcoFactoryFacade] Unable to login (Ex: javax.security.auth.login.LoginException: Cannot login user : vcoadmin, user unknown)
The solution is that easy, if you did not restart the whole appliance after configuring your Active Directory configuration, the appliance will still be using its own LDAP server.

Restartting just the service of the configuration server from your web browser does not help. You realy need to restart it from console.
After the appliance is up again you can login with your domain account.

There is one more  stumbling block you might pay attention to. Try to use your userPrincipalName like user@mydomain.com.

Hope this was a good hint to help you.